‘Twas the night before Christmas…

…the morning, actually. Christmas Eve 2013, 7a.m. I was working in the sterile unit in the manufacturing pharmacy, preparing cytotoxic drugs for chemotherapy, so when my period was late I rushed to have a pregnancy test done first thing in the morning, just in case. The chances of being pregnant were minimal, but better safe than sorry. And there it was: a blue, not so faint, little cross. I was surprised, scared, happy, confused, still sleepy.

My first reaction was to call Rob and let him know. I would see him that evening but I didn’t want the principal pharmacist at work to be the first person to know the news. So I called Rob, apologised for waking him up and informed him I was pregnant. Or at least that was what the pregnancy test said. He said something like “Good, come home after work. Love you”. I think he wasn’t awake enough yet, but at least I  officially told him first. I also called my GP and booked an appointment for that afternoon. I wanted to be sure that I was going to be a mother and needed to talk to someone who would give me a straight answer and not make a big fuss about it. The GP said that my pregnancy test (a Clearblue) was accurate enough and he felt confident I was really pregnant, so he was sending my details to the hospital where I worked to be contacted by a midwife. Yes, that simple. To this day I don’t know if this was the reassurance I needed, but I guess there’s a bit of a cultural shock there (I’ll come back to this point in the future).

It was my Christmas present. I told my sister and them my parents, who told my other sister. In Brazil we celebrate Christmas eve more than the actual Christmas day, so the timing was perfect. The next day we told Rob’s dad and his wife, during our Christmas lunch.

So, with so much going on already (work, college, NVQ, travelling with my parents, moving back in with Rob and redecorating the house),  I  also found myself getting pregnant. And just before that I had proposed a fundraising campaign to the people from the spiritist centre and they accepted it. I had too much on my plate and had to leave something behind. The blog went first. Then facebook was off for a while. Once I finished my fundraising Easter bunnies, crochet was reduced to a blanket for baby and 2 little dresses for friends who got pregnant at around the same time. Oh! and I learned to knit -properly- and made 2 vests and a pair of socks for baby.

2014 flew by so fast, I almost didn’t see it. I finished college, and NVQ, left work on a full maternity cover (yay for the NHS), had the most wonderful baby ever and now, almost 4 months after Henry was born, I’m trying to catch up with life. Starting with the blog. If things go as I plan (don’t hold your breath) I will be cooking, sewing, knitting and doing LOTS of crochet, taking photos of everything to share here. I also want to share my struggles through motherhood and parenthood (which I think are different things) and any useful ideas I find around the internet. Wish me luck!