It’s autumn

Well, it is autumn for about 3 weeks now, but London has been sunny and warm(ish), which is as unusual and wonderful. My orchids have flower buds and look very happy outside. Until this evening. The wind is blowing like a jet engine and one of the plants jumped from the box where it lives, so I carefully accommodated the poor thing on the floor and I hope tomorrow they haven’t been all blown to the other side of town.

On another note, I’ve been busy later. I had a very, very, veeeeeryyyy boring piece of work on Law and Ethics in Pharmacy to finish and I still have college work to do but who cares? crochet is a lot more interesting (anything is a lot more interesting than homework, if you ask me). I’ve made a few things and if I don’t have to chase my plants in Whitechapel I will post pictures of everything. So fingers crossed.


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