Experimenting with colours…in a cake

So, after thinking night and day of the polka dot cake I decided to try a cake with some colour. I wanted to bake a cake for sometime anyway and decided it was the best excuse (if baking a cake ever needed an excuse). I also think that making it public in a blog that I had the intention of baking gives me a certain commitment to do it, an extra push. And there I went.

I opted for an old family recipe because I know it always works and I’ve baked this cake many times. My intention was to make a step-by-step photo shoot, but man!!… it is not easy to get it all right at the same time: ingredients, the tin, the oven, my tiny kitchen, food colouring and a camera. So my step by step became more a ‘before and after’.

Right now the cake is in the oven and I hope I can guess when it’s ready because the tin fits just right i the oven, which mean I can’t see when the cake is risen and golden on top.

I will update the blog with a new post tomorrow, with photos and the recipe.


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