Where’s my weekend?

Well, Sunday evening. Or Monday morning, according to the clock.

The weekend is gone. I had many things planned but after spending the Friday night finishing some crochet baby shoes (photos to follow), I had to do some college work. So there I was, until 4am on Saturday writing about pharmacy legislation and ethics. Not really fun, but must be done, and I am please to say that half of it is finished, so a few more weeks and it’s completely gone.

Unfortunately, working until late (or early!) means I didn’t do as much crochet or blogging, or researching for our enterprise as I would like to. And in the meanwhile, my sister, who is supposed to write this blog with me, is travelling the south of Germany with her best friend.  But never mind, someone has to have some fun.

Of course the weekend wasn’t entirely wasted. I worked a bit as a builder assistant (things we do for love) and finished by starting a new project: knitted baby shoes. I am really, REALLY slow with needles, but I guess it’s just practice, isn’t it?

And there’s so much more I want to do. I’ve got loads of photos to upload to my Ravelry projects page and this blog needs some photos, as well. I want to make sweet bread, and a doily, and some coasters. And I need to start thinking Christmas on a more practical way very soon.

I wonder when we are going to have a more balanced week, with 4 days of work and 3 days of rest…


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