About 3 weeks ago, as part of my NVQ, i had to give training to some of my work colleagues on a subject not related to work. I chose crochet, because that’s the one thing I am good at. Not excellet or amazing, just good. And I love it, so I could talk about crochet for hours.

My group of trainees was formed of 2 people completely new to it, 1 person who could knit only 9and she ended up kniting a little square using the handles of my hooks), 1 person who could never do any knitting or crochet because she is left handed and another 2 people who had done some crochet a long, long time ago.

It was awesome! I loved every minute of it. My left handed colleague was amazed because not only I could teach her (I’m right handed), but because she managed to make a lot of chain stitches. Jane, one of the newbies and Amy, one of the “experienced” crocheters made each other long chains of chain stitches and wrapped  them around their wrists, as some kind of friendship bracelet.

So far, so good. Then today, Jane and Amy came to my department to say hello. They still have their bracelets and they want to start a group so they can learn and make nice things!! I am SO happy! I knew I could teach people to crochet, but to inspire people is something completely out of the plan! Oh, I can’t wait!! I thought by now their enthusiasm was gone, but clearly not, so watch this space, London! A new group is forming and we will cover the city in crochet!


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