Getting on with crochet

On Friday I went to John Lewis and splashed out on beads I need and yarn I don’t. And ribbon, but I need ribbon and it was only one. And it took me a will power of iron to resist more yarn, buttons and loads of other nice, colourful stuff. 

I’m trying to get on with my crochet ideas. My bag of current projects is not too full: a top that will take a while to finish anyway (mind you, thin thread) and two Flower Power baby sandals for my niece. My head, however, is full of ideas. Things I want to try, techniques, colours, Christmas decoration and more baby things, because my cousin is about to have a baby, too.

I am determined to get it all done, so i made a list. And I will hang the list right in front of me, to look at it every day. I will update the list as I go and will also try and keep  any results posted. I want to make this blog a proof of my effort. So starting now I will finish the sandals.


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